- Enter Code, the world-famous online shopping website and brand, is now providing the prime video plan under the prime subscription. So if you are a regular amazon mytv customer, then what are you waiting for. Just go to amazon and subscribe for the prime plan. The prime plan offers you the benefits such as free and fast shipping, i.e., there will be no delivery charges if you buy anything from amazon mytv code - Enter Amazon Mytv Code - Activation Code

You can install the amazon mytv code application with a single subscription to each and every device of your home. So if you're wondering that how this occurs, then follow the instructions below in this content to know it in a better way:

What is an Prime subscription, and how to avail of it

Prime subscription is a time duration for which the prime facilities are provided to the subscriber or the user. The subscription can vary from one month to one year. You have to purchase the subscription by paying some handsome amount to amazon. If you do not know how to proceed to avail the amazon prime video subscription then,

  1. First of all, you must have an amazon account.
  2. If you do not have it, we've also explained the process of creating one in the later part of this context.
  3. Go to using your device browser.
  4. Then find out the prime tab. Generally, it is present at the top in the menu bar of the window.
  5. Now click on it to open the prime website.
  6. You can also type amazon myTV Code in the search bar and continue.
  7. After going to the link, the first thing it will ask for you is the login details.
  8. Enter the login details. The login details are generally the email address or mobile number with the password.
  9. After that, you will enter the dashboard.
  10. Scroll a little bit down till the subscription plans are visible to you.
  11. After this, select any one plan according to your need.
  12. Then click on subscribe and apply the offer available.
  13. Make the payment using a card or any other payment method.
  14. Then after this, you're subscribed to the prime account, and now you're a prime member.

What is an Amazon myTV account, and how is it created? account is the same as that of the Amazon account. Or you can also say that both are the same account. If you're an Amazon account, then there is no need to create a separate account, but if not, then;

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Accounts Tab.
  3. Then click on create your amazon account.
  4. After this, enter the details such as your name, email address, password and reenter the password.
  5. After this, verify your email using the verification link sent to your mail inbox.
  6. Also, add your mobile number and verify the same using the verification code sent to your mobile number.

Now we've everything ready the only thing is to perform some steps to install Code on different devices in your home. For this, you'll have some questions such as;

Install Amazon mytv on your smart TV

Yes, you can install the amazon myTV on your Tv. But before proceeding to that, please check whether your tv is android or smart. If not among these, then purchase the devices such as Roku or amazon firestick to enjoy the prime on it. If you have the android Tv, then follow 2 step process given below to install;l the amazon my tv setup on your TV: code

Installing the Amazon myTV application on the TV

For this;

  • Turn on your Tv.
  • Go to the Tv play store or simply the application installing store.
  • In this, simply click on the search bar and type Amazon myTV activation code. You can also type prime video.
  • The application appearing first with a blue background and prime video icon will be the application you've installed.
  • Then click on that application. 
  • Make sure that you have an internet facility.
  • Click on this application as well as click on the install button near it.
  • This process will lead to the installation of the application on your TV.
  • Then open the application and complete some steps to reach the activation code window.
  • Let the animation run after opening the code application.
  • Then select the language.
  • If logged in with another account, then go to the settings and click on log out to log in through another account.
  • Now you will see a screen of amazon prime showing some activation steps with the activation code. The activation code is also known as the registration code.
  • Then note down this code for further process.

What is an activation code, and what is its use?

For the installation or setup of amazon my tv on the Television, there is a method of activation code to verify whether the logged-in account belongs to you. For this process, the code is generated by the TV application. This code is called an activation code, registration code, or code. It is six digits, including letters and numbers.

Activation process for

To activate;

Take any device such as a Mobile phone or laptop, or Pc.

Open the web browser on this device and enter the link

After this, you'll be redirected to a webpage of amazon mytv, where you will perform the activation process.

On this page, first, you will have to log in to your Amazon account.

Enter the email address and password to perform the same.

After that, you'll see the empty registration box.

Now enter the registration code, also called as amazon myTV code.

Then click on register device.

Now the verification process will start and will take some time.

After this, a new page will open and ask you about the language of the content you want to display on your TV.

Then select it as English and then click on next.

Now the Tv screen will change, and the amazon prime videos will start displaying on your TV screen.

You can go to the menu bar and click on the profile button.

Then after this, you can create your own profile, which will keep the records as well as the history of videos you will watch.

Also, you can renew the subscription by going to settings and keeping the auto-renewal option in the subscriptions tab.

Enjoy the in your home with your friends and family.